Perfect Products for the Perfect First Impression.

As we all know you cannot overstress the importance of a perfect ear impression to provide a quality hearing product. Often this is an area overlooked by hearing healthcare professionals and can lead to unwanted fitting problems.

At Matrics, our goal is to help you make a perfect first impression. Our impression materials are specifically formulated by Matrics chemists to reduce the risk of poor impressions. They are very stable, non-slumping materials, designed to flow smoother with less air entrapment, giving you a more accurate impression.

Smooth flow, no voids, no slumping.

The perfect ear impression starts with the right combination of ingredients. 

At Matrics, we formulate and manufacture all our impression materials to the highest standards in the industry.  Our material is a two-part polyvinylsiloaxane.  It features thixotropic and hydrophobic characteristics that prevent slumping and voids while providing a smooth flow of material.  Matrics impressions cure at room temperature within minutes.  They are accurate and durable with no problems related to shrinkage, heat, packaging or shipping.

The soft-flexible final hardness of our original impression material has a Shore A of 28.  However, over the years, we’ve discovered that Hearing Healthcare Professionals prefer impression materials in a variety of viscosity levels to better meet the individual patient needs.  Today the Matrics image line includes three different viscosity or “body” levels: light body, medium body and heavy body.

State-of-the-art dispensers.

The Matrics System features the new NXT Dispenser for all of its impression materials.  Its ergonomic design is easy to handle, and uses disposable mixing tips to prevent the spread of bacteria that can occur when using less sanitary techniques.  An original dispenser design is also available, for use with light body material only.