Aqua-guard direct fit instant swim plugs help protect ears from water while showering, swimming, diving, tubing, etc. Ideal for use by children or adults who have PE tubes or other auditory procedures and need to keep the water out. Direct fit process eliminates the need to send the impression to an earmold lab, allowing swim protection to be provided during office visit. High strength, long lasting and floatable, this soft material sets up in 5 to 7 minutes directly in the ear. Laquer clear coat is recommended for a better seal and enhanced appearance. The kit includes measuring spoons, base color white, with red and blue color for right and left ear. Tech-lube (sold separately) is recommended to lubricate the ear before taking the impression. Floatable container is great to store swim molds when not in use. Cords sold separately. Kit makes approximately 25 pair. Available in bulk, call for pricing.

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